A woman with luna moth wings holding a sword. A man with long hair, covered in dragonflies. A woman covered in luna moths. A girl running a chainsaw through a large stuffed bear, with blood and gore spilling out. A man with crane wings holding a sword above a glowing pool. Six magical girls surrounding the text 'Pretty Force! Battle Transformation' A painting of a man with feathery ears and a cyberpunk neck and jaw piece. A man shooting an angel in the head surrounded by pastel clouds. A fairy with a sword rendered in a pixelized, green retro screen style. Two women on horseback under the moonlight, one in full armor and drawing a revolver, the other in western wear and drawing a sword. Horned purple man sitting on a throne in bright light, with black butterflies and crumbling ruins around him. Horned purple man in two sketches showing off similar outfits. Red horned man in a watercolor style surrounded by stars. A 5 x 5 hexmap. woman getting eaten by crows. cowboy on a motorcycle, with a bazooka. cowboy on a motorcycle, with a pistol. dragon woman holding a censer over a background of loose magical papers. necromancer woman, naked, holding a skull. a knight in a red embroidered cloak.
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